1. Without risk there is no reward.

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  2. I’m probably not who you think I am.

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  3. I keep having to remind myself, “you’re okay, calm down. You’re okay. You’re gonna be okay.” But doesn’t that just mean the opposite?

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  4. I just can’t understand why this is so hard for me. No matter how good my days are and how well I wake up every morning, the sky eventually goes to dark, and my sanity with it.

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  5. Somebody please tell me something I’ve never heard before. Please tell me how to get over her. I swear I can’t handle this, I’ve never been so weak in my life.

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  7. When we hit our lowest point, we are ready for our greatest change
    – Ang (via homelessly)

    Had to bring it back

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  8. I just wish she felt the same way.

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  9. If I ever thought I knew how a heartbreak felt before this, I was completely and utterly wrong.

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  10. I think that’s it. I never knew that I could get so hurt. I’ve never felt this way before in my entire life. It was like the entire day throughout the night somebody was slowly creating holes in my chest by pushing a dull nail through my clavicle repeatedly, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I really learned a lot about myself looking back after yesterday.

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  11. (via mariatia)

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  12. Anonymous said: I kissed someone I like at a party and I don't know if I should do something about it, because I think she thought it was just fun... What should I do? Did your last kiss mean something to you?

    Text her, be casual. Don’t assume anything.

    Yeah, but just by chance of who it was. We’ve kissed before but this one, to me at least, had a significance. And I don’t regret it.

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  13. It’s always her.

    They always told me “you deserve better”, “you’re still young who cares”, “only upgrade”, but what have I done to earn these phrases? Do I really deserve better? I’m the one who cares! And she’s definitely not a downgrade. It’s like I was just waiting for someone who can never exist, or maybe I’ve had her all along.

    I’m such a bitch. I wish she knew how I really felt about her. I’m sure she might have an idea because of the past, but that’s where my problems live and credibility shattered. Why don’t I just go out and confess exactly how I feel? …Because she deserves better. I’ve had my chances to do that. She deserves someone like I used to be; want to be. Not whom my actions have shown me to be. I know that I am or can still be that person somewhere in me, but I’m so selfish that side of me is drifting away and I know that this time she could save me. I can say that I have never been so 100% with how I feel about her, and I can finally say what she wanted to hear a long time ago, I’m “ready”, but of course it’s too late. Now I have to attempt to move on from something almost no one knew even existed. No one knows the truth about how I feel about her. No one knows the truth about how genuinely happy I am when I’m with her, especially when I don’t show it. No one knows the truth of how much I wish I could spoil her. No one knows the truth of how I wish I could respect her as my lady and include the little things. No one knows the truth about how much I wish I could take back any opportunity or want people to know she is all mine. This semester, I was emotionally exhausted. All I wanted to do was protect and shield her because I know what’s out there and what happens, but that is part of life. It would just upset her if I told her the truth of how I felt about her, plus I would just make myself look like an idiot. I don’t know if I can move on, from her, at least not yet. The saddest part is that no one knows about this passion but myself. I wish I was more complete when it came to her when I talked to my best friends. It’s because of this that I go through this alone making me so sensitive. I could never forgive myself for what I’ve done to her, but I (and probably God) know(s) I could keep her happy regardless of our past.

    I’m sleepy. Idk. Goodnight.

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  15. I’m so unfair with myself.

    I really need to act like the person I know I am. I used to think to myself “what is wrong with me?”, but this year I have grown so much and I can admit my problem is that I usually don’t take necessary action unless something goes wrong or someone gets hurt, just recently, myself. I always took pride in how I am able to not let what others think bother me, but that’s not the case anymore and I wish I realized it sooner. I wish I wasn’t so naive, stubborn, and selfish because I know that is what masks my true emotions. At least I always blame myself, because I know for a fact that it’s because of my own dumb self that certain things happen the way they have, but I wonder if it’s okay to blame yourself for so many things cause looking down on yourself so much seems like it can have a very negative effect, which I feel like is happening to me. Idk. I’m my biggest problem.

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